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Mont Botanik Residence: Communal living in the sky

By Mont Botanik Residence
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SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - Snug in the tranquil Hillview enclave, and flanked by nature parks and reserves, Tuan Sing Holding’s freehold Mont Botanik Residence is befitting of its name. Garnering inspiration from the surrounding abundant greenery that stretches far and wide, the 108-unit, 12-storey Mont Botanik Residence is a vertical garden that provides a stark contrast to the low-lying landed area around it.
“A lot of projects nowadays tend to be very aesthetically-driven,” says Ng Hoe Theong, director of AGA Architects, which was engaged to design Mont Botanik Residence. What then differentiates a run-of-the-mill building from what Ng calls “good architecture” is when “the building has a relationship with the people [in it]”, he explains. With Mont Botanik Residence, the development itself is a nexus between man and nature, while residents form interpersonal relationships, centered around a sense of community.
Of course, the design of the development paves the way for relationships to be created. Anchoring on the idea of communal living in the sky, the two blocks at Mont Botanik Residence are bridged by a series of sky garden terraces on every alternating floors. “When we did that, it is interesting as it allows the space to be a loop, and with this loop, everyone who stays in this development will have the privilege of enjoying the all-round views,” says Ng. From the perspective of those who are staying in the neighbouring landed properties, they will see a garden space, a vertical garden in the sky.
With only 108 units, freehold Mont Botanik Residence is spacious, with a clear intention to provide a landed feel for residents (Credit: Tuan Sing Holdings)
With only 108 units, freehold Mont Botanik Residence is spacious, with a clear intention to provide a landed feel for residents (Credit: Tuan Sing Holdings)
At Mont Botanik Residence, with the sky gardens at one’s doorsteps, one can feel the warmth of the sunrise and watch as the sun sets on the horizon, taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. The best of it all? The panoramic views are all accessible from various parts of the building. “That’s primarily how we transform the very utilitarian corridor, bridge, to something that is more meaningful for the residents,” says Ng, who adds that the interlocking sky garden terraces are essential to the whole development.
Indeed, there is ample space to foster interactions, for the garden terraces are about 2,368 sq ft each, and spans about a 5m width. Illustrating the firm belief that spaces can transform people’s lives, Mont Botanik Residence is filled with large communal spaces, which in turn serve to encourage social activities, interactions, and also spontaneous healthy living. By bringing activity spaces to one’s doorstep, it directly motivates one to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Simultaneously, shared experiences are formed when families engage in activities at the vertical and communal gardens, such as the planting of trees, and the growing of small fruits and vegetables.
The garden terraces at freehold Mont Botanik Residence are about 2,368 sq ft each, with a 5m width (Credit: Tuan Sing Holdings)
The garden terraces at freehold Mont Botanik Residence are about 2,368 sq ft each, with a 5m width (Credit: Tuan Sing Holdings)
The interactions, then, will also be genuine and uninhibited, and children will be able to roam and play, with the parents looking over them, all done from the comforts of one’s home, without feeling restricted by the space constraints, especially with the sky garden’s double-volume ceiling height. This seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas gives one the feel of a landed environment, where the garden is located in the front porch of the house. In a way, this maximises one’s enjoyment of nature and the sunlight, improving one’s physical and mental wellness.
Certainly, Tuan Sing’s vision to create a distinctive development is fully materialized in Mont Botanik Residence, a development born out of shared passion for good architectural design between Tuan Sing and AGA Architects. Ng laments that in today’s society, people tend to keep to themselves and “you mostly meet neighbours by chance along the corridors, and that’s it”. Mont Botanik Residence, however, is undoubtedly more than just a concrete building with a soulless shell. A development where form follows function, it serves to cultivate a close-knit community, in a home in the sky.
Our showflat is ready for viewing, along Elizabeth Drive, off Hillview Avenue. Daily, 10am – 6pm.
For enquiries, call 8338 2028 / 8338 8280 or visit www.montbotanikresidence.com today!

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This article appeared in The EdgeProp Pullout Issue 899 (Sep 16, 2019) of The Edge Singapore.
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