No More Walls: 20 Beautiful Open Kitchens to Adopt for your BTO

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HDB announced recently that new BTOs, starting with the ones that will be launched this month, will now only come with open kitchens. In previous BTOs, closed kitchens, where a wall is built to separate the kitchen from the rest of the flat, was still offered under the Optional Component Scheme. Now, if you want a closed kitchen, you will have to ask your contractor to build it for you.
If you don’t want to shell out extra cash for a concrete wall, consider adopting the open kitchen concept. Sure, there are potential disadvantages like your flat being enveloped in the smells and fumes of your cooking, but an open kitchen is great for opening up space in a small home. It’s also a good option if you entertain often, as this open layout lets you interact with guests even while you’re prepping food.
But perhaps the major plus point of open kitchens is that they are so darn pretty. Don’t believe us? Check out these gorgeous open kitchens:
1. Bright and breezy
This one-wall kitchen ends with a breakfast counter that doubles as a visual divider between the cooking space and the rest of the home. Not only does the breakfast counter’s open space design allow plenty of legroom, it also helps to bring in light and ventilation to the kitchen.
2. Fresh and modern
Design: Waff
Flush to the wall, the counter in front is a hybrid between the island and the peninsula counter. This design gives you a galley layout, and is perfect for smaller kitchens where an island might take up too much space, and a L-shaped layout and peninsula counter might not be possible because a side of the wall is taken up by the entrance to the bomb shelter or the service yard.
3. Gilded age
A peninsula counter and a glass screen combination wins big in this white kitchen setting. The design partially hides the foyer from the cooking zone, while still keeping things open and bright. A gold edging and mirrored cabinet fronts create an opulent feel while the addition of greenery keeps the design fresh and modern.
4. Industrial leanings
The dining table is suspended from the ceiling, using an industrial style metal mesh that is as much a functional structure as it is a design statement. On the other side, it is fused perpendicularly with the kitchen counter. This layout is perfect for boxier layouts and is a good option for folks who entertain at home as it combines the eating space with the cooking space into a single zone.
5. Open galley style
An opening was created in the front of this long galley kitchen to create an open space. Rather than go for countertops on both sides, the designer chose to create a series of full-height cabinets on one side to provide enough room for storage and built-in kitchen appliances without cramping up the space. The soothing neutral hues create the sense of a big, open space.
6. Separate wet and dry zones
If you’re concerned about cooking fumes or grease permeating the rest of your home, consider adopting a separate wet and dry zone for your kitchen. Keep the wet zone – where the hob, hood and sink are usually located – closed off with a sliding glass door, while the rest of the space can be kept completely open.
7. Island storage
For many, an island is a dream come true. So if you can afford the space in your HDB, go for it. Consider creating open shelving at the side to squeeze in just a little more storage space in your kitchen.
8. Social hub
Rather than keep the island at the same height as your other countertop, consider raising it so that it reaches bar height. It immediately transforms the island from a hardworking prep station into a space that is perfect for socialising and having meals.
9. Fumes begone
Here’s another solution to your cooking fumes woes if you’re thinking of going open. Enclose the hob and hood area with a glass casing, while keeping the rest of your kitchen unblocked.
10. Encased in glass
We like kitchens that can be opened and closed when needed, like this one. During major cooking sessions, bi-fold glass dividers surround this kitchen to keep fumes at bay. But when no cooking is in session, the dividers can be completely stowed away to create an open kitchen.
11. Reading corner
Not keen on an extra counter or an island? Get a half-wall instead. It perfectly hides a part of the kitchen, while still keeping it open. Have a long bench to front the wall, creating a cosy reading nook just outside your cooking space.
12. Raise the bar
If you’re concerned about seeing the mess of your kitchen from your living room, consider raising a part of your countertop. The raised part can serve as a casual breakfast bar, while the other side can still function as a food prep counter.
13. Clean and clear
For a sleek, clean and contemporary look, go for frameless, sliding glass doors. It’s also a great choice if you have a particularly beautiful kitchen you want to show off from your living room.
14. Window opening
Rather than open the kitchen up completely, the designer did a half-wall cut-out that can open the kitchen up just as well. Also known as a pass-through, it allows the homeowners to pass food from the cooking zone into the living space easily.
15. Three-in-one
The similar colour scheme means the custom dining table doesn’t feel out of place located just outside the kitchen. With open cubbies at the side, it doubles up as storage space for smaller kitchen appliances like the air fryer, and triples up as an island for food prep when needed.
16. Black vogue
Black aluminium framed bi-fold doors never go out of trend we think. Here, they function as one of the many modish black accents in this space. The doors separate the kitchen from the dining room when closed, but allow the kitchen to open up when not in use.
17. Café chic
For a smaller scale in the same effect, consider bi-fold windows that run across a raised bar counter. This look is a great choice if you’re going the industrial route like in this home, but it also creates a cosy, café-style vibe.
18. Extension Party
The dining table extends from the small, cube-shaped island to act as additional counter space when needed or used together with the island to serve meals during a party. Otherwise, the island functions separately as a casual eating nook while the dining table is reserved for more formal meals.
19. Mealtimes made easy
Instead of going for an additional kitchen counter, the homeowners decided to use a dining table made from an old sewing machine to create a partition between the kitchen and the living space. The same woodgrain laminate was used for the table top and the wall beside it, to create a continuous look that helps to draw the eyes upwards, creating the impression of a taller ceiling.
20. External affairs
The main kitchen is obscured behind a black-framed wall panel as well as a raised top bar counter. This outer area is a great as a breakfast zone or pantry, but it can also be used to prep simpler meals that don’t require any cooking.
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