Paya Lebar Quarter to have Singapore’s first wellness-focused office towers

/ The Edge Property
January 23, 2017 8:00 AM SGT
It is still early days for office buildings focused on the health and wellness of their occupants in Singapore. A pioneer in such developments here is Australian real estate group Lendlease. It announced that Paya Lebar Quarter, its $3.2 billion urban regeneration project, will feature Singapore’s first office towers to register for a WELL certification by the International WELL Building Institute.
“We are the first in Singapore to promote wellness in buildings,” says Richard Paine, managing director of Paya Lebar Quarter. The site office of Paya Lebar Quarter has been turned into a “trial centre” for the project, which is targeted for completion in 2020. It has been fitted out with a well-equipped pantry, mini break-out spaces, sitting and standing desks, a gym and fitness area, shower facilities and a prayer room. There is also a bicycle-sharing programme.
A 15m-tall banyan tree with a 25m canopy that was once a landmark in the area will get a new lease of life. Eighty cuttings were taken from the tree before it was removed to enable the widening of a canal that runs through the site. The cuttings were given to Lendlease staff, who are competing to produce the fastest-growing sapling. The winner will see his or her tree become a new landmark at Paya Lebar Quarter. According to Paine, he is now the proud owner of a 7m-tall sapling, while his colleague, Lendlease senior development manager Turner Canning, a bonsai enthusiast, has turned his sapling into a bonsai.
The public area at Paya Lebar Quarter, which has a green plot ratio of six times
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Source: Paya Lebar Quarter

Paine is a Fitbitter who makes sure he walks at least 10,000 steps a day. He also cycles five to six times a week. He is a firm believer in walking meetings: Instead of holding meetings in a room or at a coffee house, participants conduct discussions while going for a walk. “We are working on the software aspect of Paya Lebar Quarter as well as the hardware, and figuring out what engages people so they enjoy their time at work,” he...