Simon Cheong redefines luxury

SC Global Developments stays relevant by launching a new line of projects called ‘Petit Collectibles’, featuring predominantly one- and two-bedroom units

A battered tennis racquet enshrined in a glass case sits among prized art pieces in Simon Cheong’s tastefully furnished lounge at his head office in Newton 200. The smashed-up racquet is a token of American professional tennis player Serena Williams’ tantrum at a match in the WTA Finals in Singapore in October 2014, says Cheong, the founder and chairman of SC Global.
Cheong: We push the boundaries on quality, and the price will take care of itself (Picture: SC Global Developments)
His firm, SC Global Developments, is the presenting sponsor for the BNP Paribas WTA Championships in Singapore from 2014 to 2018. Cheong put the racquet up for sale at a charity auction. “When prices went up, we bid for it too and took it back because we wanted it,” he says.
Few people can make a battered tennis racquet look like $1 million; Cheong is one of them. “Luxury is an art, not a science,” he says.

Small is luxurious

SC Global, which has positioned itself as a luxury property developer, has two projects in the pipeline. They will be launched under SC Global’s new line of projects — Petit Collectibles — that features predominantly one- and two-bedroom units. The name was not an afterthought but had been thought-through over the past few years,” says Cheong. He has even had the name ‘Petit Collectibles’ and variations of it trademarked.
The hallmark of the Petit Collectibles series will be units that offer living spaces with “flexible functionality”. It also rides the success of SC Global’s earlier projects that feature smaller luxury apartments, for instance, Martin No. 38, Thr3e Thre3 Robin and The Lincoln Modern. “SC Global’s apartments have often been referred to as ‘collectibles’ because they are limited in edition and refreshingly original in design,” says Cheong.
The fully sold 88-unit Martin No. 38, SC Global’s luxury warehouse-style apartments on Martin Place (Picture: SC Global Developments)