Steelcase unveils new collection of furniture

/ EdgeProp Singapore
November 27, 2019 4:32 PM SGT
Steelcase unveils new collection of furniture   - EDGEPROP SINGAPORE
SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - US-based furniture company, Steelcase, has unveiled its latest collection of furniture and accessories for the modern workplace.
The new collection, called Steelcase Flex Collection, is designed to meet the needs of creative and tech teams that work in a mobile way. This includes moveable desks, tables, markerboards, carts, screens and accessories. Wheels, directional rollers and glides allow ease of movement.
“The nature of teamwork has fundamentally shifted to become more interdependent, fast-paced and fluid,” says Steelcase.
“Hyper-collaborative teams have embraced agile and design thinking methodologies to help them move faster and stay more closely connected to their customers. These practices require rapid shifts between diverse activities,” the firm adds.
Research for the collection started in 2017, when Steelcase observed the daily activities of employees “who became frustrated and hacked their offices to improve their space – claiming territory with makeshift barricades, repurposing everyday objects to create places for group work and covering walls and ceilings with sticky notes to display information,'' it notes.
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