Top HDB neighbourhoods with the best amenities

By EdgeProp Singapore / EdgeProp Singapore | November 19, 2018 12:23 PM SGT
Set up in the 1960s to solve the nation’s housing crisis, HDB flats have today become a Singapore icon that is synonymous with quality and affordable living.
Clustered into towns, HDB neighbourhoods are vibrant living environments that have a huge cultural significance to our collective identity, because 80% of our residential population live in them.
Even if you don’t live in a HDB flat, you would have come across or utilised some of the amenities in a HDB neighbourhood, whether it is a hawker centre, the neighbourhood mall, clinic or sports centre. But while a myriad of commercial, recreational and social amenities can be found in all HDB neighbourhoods, the truth remains that certain neighbourhoods do stand out above the rest.
In this article, we pick the top 5 HDB neighbourhoods (in no particular order) with the best range of amenities based on their proximity to the following:
i) Transportation links (such as MRT stations and bus interchanges);
ii) Schools and educational institutions;
iii) Shopping and lifestyle amenities (such a malls and food centres)
iv) Recreational facilities (such as nature parks or reserves)
We also factored in the pricing of flats across HDB estates as part of our assessment.
Median resale prices by town and flat types for 3Q2018
(-) indicates no resale transactions in the quarter; Asterisks (" * ") refer to cases where there are less than 20 resale transactions in the quarter for the particular town and flat type. The median prices of these cases are not shown as they may not be representative. Source: HDB
1) Bishan
Various facilities are available in the neighbourhood, including the CPF Building (shown in pic), hawker centres, a swimming pool, stadium and sports hall, and a Community Club.
Bishan is home to some of Singapore's best-known schools, including Catholic High School (shown) and Raffles Institution.
Located in the central part of Singapore, Bishan is one of our top picks for its easy accessibility and various conveniences. For a start, it is...