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By Adrian Lim
/ EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards 2022 |
PLB Realty's Adrian Lim accepting the Top Transactor Award for Resale Condo from Shermie Tee, EdgeProp Singapore vice president, agency sales and training (Picture: Albert Chua/The Edge Singapore)
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It has been said that many hands do light work when selling a property to a client. This is especially true for the PLB Realty team. Previously known as PropertyLim- Brothers, the firm was established on Sept 9 by co-founders Adrian Lim (pictured) and CEO Melvin Lim, who are unrelated.
Behind the glamorously-shot videos of beautiful homes on PLB Realty’s social media platforms is a team of 55 full-time staff ready to churn out slickly produced shots. The company currently employs over 100 people.
“We have our own home tour video format,” says Lim. “We don’t just talk about the interiors; we also talk about the property itself, such as the master plan, pricing analysis, the location of the property, as well as other attributes.”
Lim: We enjoy our work very much, from the actual transactions to creating the videos
What makes PLB Realty’s videos popular with its fans — apart from the stunning homes showcased — is the effortless chemistry on and off camera. That is easy when everything is a labour of love.
“We enjoy our work very much, from the actual transactions to creating the videos. This creates the chemistry between our team of videographers and us as realtors. We’re always bonding with our Inside Sales Team and media crew, which creates that brilliant concoction,” Lim continues. “Our videos are also thanks to the creativity of our media team; sometimes it boils down to the editing of the individual videographers in our team to bring out the best points in the property.”
Such is the success of PLB Realty’s work that Lim — who has been in the industry since 2006 — is one of 10 realtors who have clinched the highest number of transactions in the resale condominium segment by an individual real estate agent at the EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards (EPEA) in 2022. The award covers transactions made between July 2021 and June this year.
Lim (left, with co-founder Melvin Lim): Everyone with PLB Realty operates like a professional sports team ... it allows our listing and sales managers to provide complete attention to our customers (Photo: PLB Realty)

All about teamwork

PLB Realty has conducted about 720 home tour videos and sold 516 homes in the last 24 months. “This is a testament to our work, where we provide the best and only the best for our clients and leave no stone unturned when it comes to seeking solutions for them,” Lim says.
He also reveals that the agency usually requests their clients to sign an exclusivity contract that allows PLB Realty to market and sell their property for them for three months. When asked about their secret, he replies: “One of PLB Realty’s core customer- centric models is to have a dedicated seven- man team for each property.”
“This means that seven people are working on every property listing at any one time,” he adds, noting that PLB Realty is the only agency to operate using such a team model in Singapore. “In this industry, it is prevalent to have agents operating alone. It’s the same with Melvin and me.
Before our partnership, we also operated as sole agents. There may be couples working together on transactions, but that’s mostly about it as far as collaborations go.”
The team of seven takes PLB Realty’s customers through the entire process — from the marketing of the property, listings, client care support, administrative work and the actual transactions.
“Each team with PLB Realty operates like a professional sports team. Take football, for example. There is the coach, the defenders, midfielders, strikers and wingers,” says Lim. “In our case, we have Melvin and me on the team, where we oversee the entire transaction and the Inside Sales Team. Then we have our digital media people — all in-house — who target the ads and manage social media launches. We’ve also got our in-house videographers, client care support managers to work on the administrative details, and the team lead to oversee the production and our listing managers. That’s not all. We even have analytical tools and a research team to provide a more comprehensive breakdown. This model allows our listing and sales managers to provide dedicated and complete attention to our customers.”
This style of working has been so successful that PLB Realty usually manages to sell their clients’ properties within the three-month stipulated time frame. Still, two other factors have contributed to the success PLB Realty enjoys today. “We always look ahead with every transaction and never compare with our counterparts.”
In that same vein, the team conducts every transaction with heart. He continues: “Whenever a property comes to us, we aim to market it — as well as every other property that comes to us — as if we’re doing it for ourselves. It’s the same on the other end; we aim to help every one of our clients purchase their home as if we’re doing it for ourselves.”
“Being able to add value for our clients and market their property to their fullest potential is something we take pride in.”
Lim: We are all excited for this era, and we will still be serving our clients with the same heart and integrity, which is always putting our clients first when it comes to their transactions (PLB Realty)

New beginning

Another thing the co-founders value is fos- tering the right company culture. Whenever new agents join the agency, they go through a three-month internship, learning how to conduct transactions, video presentations, and meet clients. “Otherwise, they may not accurately represent PLB when they meet cli- ents”, says Lim.
Orientations for PLB Realty’s new agents and other team members are now conducted at their new office at Oxley Bizhub 2 at Ubi Road. The company recently moved to consolidate its media and sales teams within the same building.
PLB acquired two units at Oxley Bizhub 2 — a ground floor strata industrial unit of 3,832 sq ft with a mezzanine level. The ground floor unit is modelled after a cosy café where PLB’s sales team gathers for training sessions and events. At the same time, the new professional studio is situated on the mezzanine floor.
On the 11th floor of the same building, PLB has a more extensive unit measuring 7,800 sq ft, a “penthouse office” housing a mezzanine level and a kitchen for light cooking. It also houses PLB Media, a firm that the younger Lim solely owns. Formed in 2018, PLB Media is the company’s in-house production unit.
The establishment of PLB Realty represents a new beginning. “We are all excited for this era, and we will still be serving our clients with the same heart and integrity, which is always putting our clients first when it comes to their transactions.”
“Behind every transaction is a property, behind every property is a home and behind every home is a family,” he adds. “We will continue to add value to our clients’ transactions while striving to push the boundaries. We will continue to be the leaders in the real estate space supported by creative innovations and tech.”
For more information:
Contact Adrian Lim l 81832333
CEA No.: R009649D
Top Transactor is a Sponsored Series in recognition of Real Estate Salespersons who have achieved the highest number of transactions, based on information from CEA’s Public Register and data.gov.sg between July 2021 and June 2022 that was extracted on 10 August 2022.

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