Weekend breakfast in Bukit Panjang for $2.50 … or less

Photo Credit Screenshot via Burpple.com
Bukit Panjang is a mature residential estate in the West Region of Singapore with seven subzones, including Saujana and Dairy Farm. As of October 2017, there were about 121,000 HDB residents living in Bukit Panjang. There are numerous nature spots in Bukit Panjang : Zhenghua Nature Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are just some of them. Thus making this place a good choice for a weekend walk. The best part is, how you can load up with good local food for a few bucks after a healthy hike through all that verdant greenery.

1. Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre

The signboards at this hawker centre are bright and beautiful. Photo credit: Loh Xiu Ruth, Screenshot via Burpple.com
Sparkling clean is the first impression you get when you enter the building since the centre was only opened in August 2016. Not forgetting the funky signboards that give the hawker area a quirky feel.
Colourful signboards give this centre a cool edge. Photo credit: Loh Xiu Ruth
Despite this place looking newer and more modern than most shopping mall food courts, the prices here are deliciously affordable.
Halal chicken rice for just $2.50. Just follow the tantalizing aroma of the roasted chicken and it will bring you to the store. Photo credit: Loh Xiu Ruth
There’s something for everyone here, from halal food to vegetarian meals. Both Bukit Panjang Chicken Rice, and You Xiang Teochew Noodle offer rather cheap and delicious meals for just $2.50. As a result they attract long queues for their delicious food. Definetely worth...