At 1 Keong Saik Road, the entrance to The Working Capitol coworking space is from the cafe on the first level. The cafe is a joint venture between The Working Capitol and the hospitality company Lo & Behold Group.

When The Working Capitol opened in March 2015, co-founders Ben Gattie and his sister Suranta did not have any expectations of the type of companies they wanted to have in it. “We just wanted to create a shared work environment that was conducive,” says Gattie, CEO of The Working Capitol. “So it was random.”

As it turned out, the randomness of the businesses that occupy the space has spawned a vibrant community. Today, the centre has more than 70 companies and 350 members who come from a broad mix of industries and range in size from one-person operations to companies with up to 40 staff. “And we’re consciously doing that to keep it interesting,” says Gattie. “Whether they are upsizing or downsizing, we can accommodate their needs. Our occupancy always hovers around 100%.”


The café at The Working Capitol on Keong Saik Road