19 Things To Do For Your Home in 2019

By Jemma Chiu / Cromly | January 9, 2019 3:13 PM SGT
The beginning of the new year signifies a fresh, new start for you, your family, and your home. Just like your New Year's resolution, you also have to set a new goal for your home by making small changes, one step at a time.
Here are 19 things you can to do to make your home more beautiful, efficient, and cleaner this 2019:
1. Organise your closet.
This year, ensure that your wardrobe is fully organised! Kick off your decluttering journey in 2019 by starting with your closet. Start the purge by removing the belongings that you have not worn lately, do not fit you, and those that are not in good condition. By eliminating excess clothing, shoes, and accessories, you’ll be able to free up a room for new trends in the future.
2. Remove all the things that are not important to you.
You must let go of the things that are not used regularly to avoid clutter from piling up. Sometimes, your possessions are distracting you from your priorities. It is better to let go of these in order for you to pursue other things that you need.
3. Splash a fresh coat of paint on your wall.
May it be your bed’s headboard or your bookshelf, adding a fresh coat of paint will give a new perspective. Even if you cannot do a full renovation due to budget constraints, you have at least something new to look at in your home.
4. Get smart home devices for your space.
Investing in smart home devices is one way to improve your home this year. It can help you live smarter and easier and so consider adding it to your home budget allocation.
5. Remove your holiday decor.
These home decorations are seasonal. It will no longer inspire you in the coming days so better yet, remove and store them carefully.
6. Organise your pantry.
Cut down the clutter in your home by cleaning and organising your pantry supplies. By organising, we mean throwing out old spices, expired food, and unused items such as outdated cookbooks.
7. Organise your kitchen cabinets.
Keep things organised in your kitchen by limiting each drawer to one or two item categories. For example, one drawer is designated for dish towels while the next one is exclusive for utensils.
8. Donate or sell your belongings.
After organising your wardrobe, surely, your clothes will pile up. Avoid this by donating or selling your belongings rather than face stress and frustration from the clutter that it will bring. Donating your unused items to charities is a simple yet meaningful way of extending help unto others.
9. Cut down your energy usage at home.
If you can’t afford to have someone do the energy audit in your home, you can still manage to cut down your energy usage by starting to live green in 2019. Just remember some of the basic things that you need to do to lower your electric bill.
10. Remove duplicates.
Minimise clutter in your home by eliminating duplicates. This include cleaning supplies, gardening tools, fashion accessories, home office supplies, toys, books, and kitchen items. The tip here is to keep your favourite in each category and get rid of the duplicates.
11. Dump the old papers.
Guilty of keeping old mails, newspapers, post-it notes, and papers? It’s time to avoid getting too sentimental about paper clutter because they will pile up and become clutter. Recycle unnecessary papers and shred what needs to be destroyed.
12. Organise your entertainment area.
Take out your old electronic pieces like the old component that was a hand-me-down from your family. Also, remove the cords you don’t need, and discs and games nobody uses. You might want to recycle them responsibly by turning them into an eye-catching display.

13. Create a calm space for a reading nook in your home.
Tame a space by minimising distractions around it. Choose your favourite spot and declutter everything surrounding it by clearing the surface of side tables or a coffee table by removing and organising some of your knickknacks on their proper shelves. This way, you can let your space breathe and relax while you’re having your me-time, reading your favourite book.

14. Clean your windows.
Make sure that you always have your windows cleaned because glass is porous. Dirt and other microorganisms tend to build up inside and can damage your windows. Also, having clean windows is good feng shui. These are the "eyes of your home" so the cleaner your windows are, the clearer you see the world and your life.

15. Organise your beauty and grooming supplies.
Tidy up your vanity by organising your beauty and grooming supplies. Separate your beauty tools from your beauty supplies. Get rid of the duplicates and throw out anything that is broken, old, and expired. Then, wash your storage containers and organise what you’re going to keep.

16. Clean the grout.
In your bathroom, you should also clean the grout to improve the look of your space. Not only does grout make your home dirty, it can also make your space look uninviting.

17. Don’t buy if you don’t have space for it.
By buying less stuff for your home, you can avoid cluttering and start spending more mindfully. Each time you find yourself considering a purchase, ask yourself whether it is a need or a want. If it’s a home decor and not purely functional, bring it home only if you love it and know exactly where you will place it.

18. Be sure to check your supplies first before going to the shop.
Make it a habit to check your stocks of toiletries, cleaning materials, and other household staples before you go shopping. This way, you can avoid chaos by having too many of the same item in your cupboards—you also save more moolah from this habit!

19. Work out a weekly system to run your home smoothly.
By creating a list of tasks and having every family member to help you, you can ensure that your house will run smoothly. Gather them for a family meeting before everyone gets back to school or work, and agree on their tasks which can be undertaken at a specific time each week. This is also a way to remind them that organising and keeping your home clean is a family affair and not a responsibility of just one person. Here's another tip: create a command centre so that everyone gets updated on family stuff.
This article was first published on Cromly.