5 most common questions a real estate agent gets asked

Realtors typically get asked dozens of questions by prospective buyers on a regular basis.
Here, Knight Frank’s Darryl Tan tells us his Top 5.
1. How's the market?
Whenever someone asks me this, I try to break it down into the various sub-segments of the market: the premium/high-end, the middle end, and the mass market. All these will perform very differently; the whole market will never be up or down at the same time. Last year, the middle tier of the market was relatively quiet until Q4. This year, in Q1 and going into Q2, this segment has picked up, especially in the Alexandra-Commonwealth stretch, as was highlighted by The Edge Property.
That stretch has 11 to 12 different condos, all of which offer very different flavours. Commonwealth Towers and Queens Peak, for instance, target the mass market, so the units come in at very strategic price points. They offer good value for money, so you get bang for your buck. Further down that stretch, you get properties like Principal Garden by UOL, which offers sensibly sized homes, and The Crest by Wing Tai, which banks on the prestige factor by being in the Jervois neighbourhood.
2. Is now a good time to buy?
If one were to objectively read into the real estate market and its various sub-segments, not all segments are down at the same time. For example, the luxury end of the market saw many prime homes change hands over the past three quarters, and while prices for the middle-upper tiers may have come off a little for the past several quarters, the corresponding volume of sales resulting had increased disproportionately more. These, in my view, are among several indicators suggesting a market perception of price rationalisation and sensibility.
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