The 5th EdgeProp Excellence Awards recognises the winners in real estate sector in these extraordinary times

By EdgeProp / EdgeProp Singapore | November 26, 2021 12:43 AM SGT
Bernard Tong, CEO of EdgeProp Singapore (Photo: Albert Chua/EdgeProp Singapore)
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SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - This is a day of many firsts for us: It is the first time that it’s not a black-tie event; first time we are having lunch instead of dinner; but more importantly, first time I’m meeting many of you physically after “zooming” in the virtual world for such a long period of time.
This year, we were also fortunate to be able to resume the site-visits after a one-year hiatus. I would like to thank the developers and their teams for accommodating our tight turnaround schedule and walking us through the different showflats and condos.
And as most of the judges can attest to, despite all the advancements in technology, nothing beats sitting in the mini-bus and physically touring these developments to really get a good “feel” of the project. From the lushness of the landscape to the creative usage of space, for instance, there are certain attributes that can only be accentuated with physical inspections.
I also want to take this opportunity to commend the recipients of this year’s awards. The list of winners this year does reflect the growing popularity of integrated developments. Beyond just the convenience these projects provide, the judges also paid special attention to how well-connected the different components are when they are put together.
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The other recipients of this year’s awards also demonstrated a strong ability to overcome constraints around space and land, and deliver a holistic product that caters well to their target group of buyers, whether it is a high-end luxury project or a mass-market condo.
This year’s three recipients for the top developer awards include two developers that have consistently produced excellent projects, year after year, as well as a newcomer to this prestigious list.
Lastly, I just want to touch on our dress code. Initially, it was a fun idea that we came up with — we decided to do away with the black-tie this year, to be a bit more informal, and it is probably a way to hide our long- overgrown, unkempt hair due to months of being in hibernation. But on a more serious note, this headgear that we are wearing is also a symbol of protection, and a timely reminder to ourselves and to the people around us on the growing importance of mental health, both at home and at our workplace.
The repeated lockdowns do affect some people more negatively than others. The fact that we are coping well does not mean that our peers or colleagues are doing the same. Casually checking in occasionally, and being extra understanding, goes a long way.

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