Chasing the wealth stars in 2016

/ The Edge Property
March 1, 2016 10:00 AM SGT
Joey Yap, chief metaphysics consultant of Joey Yap Pte Ltd, recently held a workshop in Singapore to teach feng shui enthusiast show to chase the wealth stars in the Year of the Monkey. Yap began the workshop, held in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, with a warning that these techniques come with the risk of inadvertently “activating” bad luck, which could lead to problems related to marriage and health, among other things. They are therefore recommended only for advanced feng shui practitioners.
For general well-being, individuals can “activate” certain sectors in the house where auspicious stars reside, at specific times — for example, the Southeast sector at 1.30pm on March 1 (see Table 1).
Table 1

Source: Joey Yap Pte Ltd

Activating these sectors means tapping into the positive energy flow using methods such as renovation, moving large furniture around, hitting a nail on the wall, physically being present in the sector for a length of time or the placement of a water feature like an aquarium, in which water movement should be applied.
Yap warns against inadvertently activating inauspicious sectors while chasing the wealth stars. There are three inauspicious sectors in 2016: South — Three Killings, Northeast —Five Yellow, and Southwest 3 — Grand Duke.
For chasing wealth, Yap shared a method based on Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui. This is based on finding your personal wealth star and following it around by being physically present in the relevant sectors at home.
This year, only people with life stars one, two, three, four and nine have an affinity with wealth stars, and can apply this method. Those with other life stars will need to wait for the years in which they have wealth star affinity. Life star refers to a person’s gua number, which can be found using a Bazi chart or at Default.aspx, a tool by Joey Yap for plotting Bazi charts.
People with life star two will need to chase wealth star eight. To do this, he has to physically spend time in the Southwest sector throughout February, then subsequently at the East sector...