EXPAT HOMES: Cosy cul-de-sac

By Jamie Nonis / EdgeProp | April 19, 2018 6:12 AM SGT
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You could call the Seiferts professional expats and relocation experts.
Göran and Cecilia Seifert have uprooted and moved across the world nine times over the span of Göran’s 40-year career. And before meeting her husband, Cecilia had already chalked up nine earlier country moves as her father was a diplomat.
“Relocation is hard work and the whole family has to be onboard,” says Cecilia.
The Seiferts arrived in Singapore 22 years ago, as Göran was handpicked to set up Philips’ Asian headquarters here, appointed head of the Philips Corporate Regional Operations for Asia in 1996.
Having lived in so many countries prior, they were deeply impressed with what they saw when they landed in Singapore, in terms of the governance of the country and its safe environment, and chose to put down roots here.
The Seiferts’ first home in Singapore was a charming back and white bungalow in Queen Astrid Park, built in 1920s. “It was a spectacular house with a lovely terrace, surrounded by huge grounds. It wasn’t hyper-modern but it didn’t matter because the house spoke to you,” Cecilia reminisces.
The Seiferts' first home in Singapore
Today, the Seiferts live in a rented four-storey, 5-bedroom house in a cul-de-sac off Swiss Club Road, together with their two children, both in their 30s, and two cats.
“It’s a small, quiet street set in greenery near Bukit Timah. It’s a nice and friendly neighbourhood with owners walking their dogs and even their cats!” says Göran.
The exterior of the Seiferts' current home near Bukit Timah