5 supper spots at Holland Village to satisfy every hungry insomniac

By Ruth Loh Xiu / EdgeProp Singapore | May 13, 2019 1:25 PM SGT
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The word “supper” conjures up visions of snacking—or even feasting—into the wee hours. Given the number of late-night joints dotted across our tiny island, it’s safe to say Singaporeans generally love supper, whether they enjoy it regularly or as an occasional treat. Certain locales feature more than their fair share of supper spots, and Holland Village in District 10 is one of them.
If you love supper, you’re in for a treat—we’re bringing you five different late-dining establishments to fit most budgets. Supper fiends will be thrilled to know they’re all within the Holland Village shops enclave, because that means one thing: A superbly affordable supper crawl is now within easy walking distance.

1. Holland Village food centre coffee shop (for local food lovers)

holland village food centre coffeeshop supper spot
Buzzing with hungry folk eating and drinking way past bedtime. (Photo courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
This coffee shop has four food stalls and one for drinks. You can find Thai food—including Thai wanton mee, Chinese zi char, and Indian cuisine served up with a nice round of ice-cold beers.
holland village supper spots sizzle your way to pepper soi 19 golden wok
Sizzle Your Way to Pepper Castle, Soi 19, and Golden Wok @ HV. (Photos courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
The food here is more expensive than food at a typical hawker centre, but cheaper than a café. An egg hor fun from zi char stall Golden Wok @ HV costs $7, and a sambal fried rice $6. Nearby, Soi Thai serves up wanton mee for $5.50 a bowl. Although the portions aren’t very big, the dish comes with lots of deep-fried pork lard and yummy char siew. Apart from noodles, Soi Thai also sells a number of side dishes, including fish sausages, fried pork, and spam fries – which doesn’t seem very Thai, to be honest, but that’s globalisation for you.
There are also Golden Wok and Love Thai, which are run by the same management and may not be always open on the same night. You can get Love Thai’s red ruby for $4.50 and mango sticky rice for $6. Golden Wok has just hired a new chef, so the menu is expected to be changed too, presumably to showcase the new chef’s culinary strengths.
At the snazzily named Sizzle Your Way to Pepper Castle, take your pick from a variety of dishes, from traditional Indian food including paneer, aloo ghobi, and chicken tikki masala, to tandoor meats like fish, prawn, chicken and mutton.
HOLLAND VILLAGE - Indian Food in Pepper Castle
One of Indian Food Menu in Pepper Castle. Source: Burpple.com
One last thing: You’ll see a big sign boldly announcing closing time is 2am, but this applies to the drinks stall, and apparently only on weekends.
Where: 33 Lorong Liput, Singapore 277744 (look for a huge PETS LOVERS CENTRE sign above the coffee shop).
Closing time: The stalls are open till 11.30pm to 12.30am on weeknights and up to 1.30am or 2am on weekends. Soi Thai’s sign says it’s closed on Mondays.

2. Char Grill Bar Holland Village (for grilled meat lovers)

holland village bars supper spot - A young crowd dominates the late-night dining scene here
A young crowd dominates the late-night dining scene here. (Photo courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
Char Grill Bar Holland Village’s late-night crowd is as vibrant as Raffles Place’s lunchtime one. It’s thrumming with life and neon signs advertising well-known beer brands, and the colourful menu outside its door tempts with drool-worthy food pictures. Burgers, baked rice dishes (costing less than $10), and lots of grilled meats are the order of the day here. There’s also fried rice with unspecified but likely grilled—meats, and salads for those looking for healthy food. Salads are less than $10, in intriguing combinations of deep-fried chicken and fresh summer greens or smoked duck and veggies neatly straddling the divide between the healthy and the…could-be-healthier. They’re perfect for those who want to make cleaner choices without sacrificing taste and variety. The Giant Italian Pork Sausage Set looks interesting, and it comes in two animal varieties—pig and chicken.
HOLLAND VILLAGE - Char Grill Bar Food Review
Char Grill Bar Holland Village Food Review. Source: Burpple.com
Where: 25A Lorong Liput, Singapore 277735 (next to a sleeping Subway outlet, if you go late enough).
Closing time: 2.30am every day.
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3. Häagen-Dazs (for Holland Village dessert lovers)

holland village desserts ice cream supper spot
Get ready to dance with ice-cream at any time of night. (Photo courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
Häagen-Dazs' Must-Try Ice Cream. Source: Burpple.com
Give yourself a midnight sugar boost with this ice-cream parlour’s fondue, featuring chocolate sauce (milk or dark) and 16 miniature ice-cream balls and fruits and pastries for about $45, or any of their other desserts, from Chocolate Euphoria to the Hi-Tea Royale with fruits, tarts, tea, and ice-cream. Traditionalists can opt for the classic banana split, beautifully plated with caramelised bananas, delicate chocolate sticks, and crisp wafers, and there are three parfait flavours to choose from, including cookies and fudge, and caramel and nuts. You can even create your own ice-cream for less than $10 (you’ll need to go super basic—think plain vanilla cone with a few rainbow sprinkles).
Where: 21 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277680 (it’s the corner store with the rounded frontage).
Closing time: 11.30pm from Sundays to Thursday and 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.

4. drinks & co. kitchen (restaurant quality for 'atas' food lovers)

holland village restaurants supper spot drinks and co
The awning sums up in eight words what this kitchen does best. (Photo courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
HOLLAND VILLAGE - drinks & co. kitchen menu review
Drinks & co. kitchen's menu review. Source: Burpple.com
Roasted pumpkin, burrata cheese, foie gras, and tuna tartare are just a few of this establishment’s artisan offerings. From charcuterie and cheese boards to prosciutto pizzas and kurobuta pork sausages, drinks & co. kitchen has a tempting selection on display, with recipes developed to please discerning palates. Prices are reasonable and run between $19 and $34 for mains, while hovering around $15 to $20 for tapas. The dessert selection is somewhat limited to chocolate lava cake and cheese cake, but those with a sweet tooth can easily remedy this by trotting over to Häagen-Dazs’ ice-cream parlour a weak pebble’s throw away.
Where: 27 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277686.
Closing time: 1am every night but get ready to party till 2am on Saturdays.
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5. Chikuwatei Nishi (for Japanese food lovers)

holland village japanese food supper spot
The signage transports you to Japan, as does the bright interior. (Photo courtesy of: Loh Xiu Ruth)
HOLLAND VILLAGE - Chikuwatei Nishi
Chikuwatei Nishi's Menu Review. Source: Burpple.com
Housed in a two-storey corner shop, this restaurant deals in Japanese dishes. Chirashi don, chirashi soba, and lots of yakitori meats stand out on the menu. Select your meal from touchscreen portals reminiscent of MacDonald’s self-ordering machines and wait to be served. There are many small plates to share, from unagi to gyoza, and prices range from less than $10 to a little above $20 for a plate. Wallet-conscious students can take advantage of a 10-for-$4 sashimi special, or even a chirashi soba meal assembled with three types of sashimi, thick tamago wedges, and made complete with iced lemon tea plus a generous portion of fried salmon skin for $9.80. Those looking to splurge a little can opt for a seafood deluxe hotpot set for two with scallops, abalone, and tiger prawns for $35.
HOLLAND VILLAGE - Step into utter solitude for a quiet conversation with that special someone—or anyone, it doesn’t matter really
Step into utter solitude for a quiet conversation with that special someone—or anyone, it doesn’t matter really. (Photo courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
There’s also a drinks bar on the second level, which has ambient lighting and a chill atmosphere. Those preferring privacy can ensconce themselves in a quiet corner chamber beneath a bare-shouldered and leggy kawaii cartoon smouldering at her reflection. In short: a perfect place to have supper and a real conversation without having to yell over blaring music.
Where: 48 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277699.
Closing time: About 11pm every day (inclusive of last order).
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