5 supper spots at Holland Village to satisfy every hungry insomniac

The word “supper” conjures up visions of snacking—or even feasting—into the wee hours. Given the number of late-night joints dotted across our tiny island, it’s safe to say Singaporeans generally love supper, whether they enjoy it regularly or as an occasional treat. Certain locales feature more than their fair share of supper spots, and Holland Village in District 10 is one of them.
If you love supper, you’re in for a treat—we’re bringing you five different late-dining establishments to fit most budgets. Supper fiends will be thrilled to know they’re all within the Holland Village shops enclave, because that means one thing: A superbly affordable supper crawl is now within easy walking distance.

1. Holland Village food centre coffee shop (for local food lovers)

Buzzing with hungry folk eating and drinking way past bedtime. (Photo courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
This coffee shop has four food stalls and one for drinks. You can find Thai food—including Thai wanton mee, Chinese zi char, and Indian cuisine served up with a nice round of ice-cold beers.
Sizzle Your Way to Pepper Castle, Soi 19, and Golden Wok @ HV. (Photos courtesy of: Ruth Loh Xiu)
The food here is more expensive than food at a typical hawker centre, but cheaper than a café. An egg hor fun from zi char stall Golden Wok @ HV costs $7, and a sambal fried rice $6. Nearby, Soi Thai serves up wanton mee for $5.50 a bowl. Although the portions aren’t very big, the dish comes with lots of deep-fried pork lard and yummy char siew. Apart from noodles, Soi Thai also sells a number of side dishes, including fish sausages, fried pork, and spam fries – which doesn’t seem very Thai, to be honest, but that’s globalisation for you.
There are also Golden Wok and Love Thai, which are run by the same management and may not be always open on the same night. You can get Love Thai’s red ruby for $4.50 and mango sticky...