Former Malacca Chief Minister's official residence may be turned into hotel

By EdgeProp Malaysia / EdgeProp Malaysia | June 8, 2018 4:16 PM SGT
Guests may get to experience the opulence of Seri Bendahara over a night’s stay soon, if the proposal to turn it into a boutique hotel gets the thumbs up.
The former official residence of the ousted Chief Minister of Melaka in Ayer Keroh has drawn more than 10,000 visitors, including busloads of Chinese tourists, since it was opened for public viewing following the defeat of the Barisan Nasional administration on May 9 general election.
Adly: Seri Bendahara will no longer be used by my administration. (Photo taken from Facebook)
The current state government, headed by Chief Minister Adly Zahari (pictured), will decide on the matter after the public viewing exercise ends on June 14.
“Seri Bendahara will no longer be used by my administration,’’ he was quoted by The Star telling reporters yesterday.
Upon taking over, the new adminstration decided to open the doors of Seri Bendahara to the public to show the extravagance of the previous governing ranks.
Adly said he would be staying in the Peringgit government quarters in the city centre.
In responding to PAS commissioner Kamaruddin Sidik’s complaint that visitors had caused severe damage to the mansion, Adly said: “Seri Bendahara is government property and as such it belongs to Melakans. I don’t think any right thinking person would go around destroying the property”.
In contrast to Kamaruddin’s claim that the toilets and furniture inside had been wrecked, Adly said that so far only broken flowerpots had been reported.
As such, he said Seri Bendahara would continue to accept visitors.
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