House Tour: Patrick and Cindy's Luxe Contemporary Black and White Home

By EdgeProp Singapore / Cromly | November 16, 2017 4:00 PM SGT
Married couple Patrick and Cindy used to live in a house replete with wooden furnishings, so they wanted their new home, a 1367-sq.-ft. 4-room private condominium unit in Sengkang Central, to look contemporary. They sought the help of interior designer Shawn Haw and Leon Chen of Rezt & Relax, to transform the unit into a modern and elegant space that would appeal to the couple and their two teenage boys.
"The design follows the black and white colour scheme," says Shawn, referring to the white shelves and cabinets with black trimmings, white sofa and dining set, white walls, black ceiling fan, and black TV wall present in the home. The bedrooms also feature black and white furnishings that give the space an elegant and handsome look.
But what the couple really like about their family home are shelves and cabinets that have kept clutter out of sight and the boys' lofts. "I knew that the bedrooms of my kids are small—plus they wanted to place the study table inside the rooms and wanted super single beds," says Cindy. "How to accommodate? The only way was to look up to make use of the high ceiling of the condo. I had been looking around for ideas and designs of lofts, and when we spoke to Rezt & Relax and saw the loft bed in their booth, I realised they’re experienced with building lofts."
While the couple credits the designers for having done a superb job styling their unit, Shawn emphasises the couple's tremendous participation in the designing process. "We share the design," Shawn says.
Indeed, when the interior designer and client work together beautifully, they produce the most satisfying result. "Every time someone steps in, he or she would compliment that this house is very nice and classy. Even during our housewarming, everyone was asking me 'How did you do this?' 'Where did you buy that?' They liked the layout and all the furnishings. I'm very happy," Cindy says with a smile.
Check the home out:
Living Room
The clean and polished living room gets a lot of natural light,...