Innovation meets nature at The Clement Canopy

The Clement Canopy won the Innovation Excellence Award and Landscape Excellence Award at the EdgeProp Excellence Awards 2019 (Picture: Samuel Issac Chua/EdgeProp Singapore)
SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - When it was completed in 4Q2018, the twin 40-storey residential towers of The Clement Canopy were the tallest residential concrete structures in the world that were completely built using prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) methods.
Since then, the project has paved the way for other high-rise residential developments in Singapore to be built using PPVC methods. Not only did the methods improve overall quality control, they also shortened the handover time to new owners. Now, most of the residential sites on the government land sales (GLS) list this year have projects with similar PPVC requirements.
Efforts by Clement Canopy’s developer UOL Group to let nature take centre stage and showcase that high-rise, high-density living can coexist with a lush and green landscape have also helped the 505-unit condo win the Innovation Excellence Award for a completed development in the Central Region, as well as the Landscape Excellence Award in the same category, at the EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards 2019.
Several connected leisure pools between the blocks highlight the lush landscape (Picture: Dragages Singapore)
This adds to the accolades the development received last year when it also won the Top Development Award for an uncompleted development in the Non-Central Region, and the Landscape Excellence Award in the same category, at the EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards 2018.

‘Lego-style’ construction

Located at Clementi Avenue 1 in District 5, the condo is built on a GLS site that was awarded to UOL in 2015. It was one of the first sites awarded which stipulated that the construction needed to adopt the use of PPVC for at least 65% of the total constructed floor area within the residential development.
At the Clement Canopy, all of the ground-floor structures such as the multi-storey carpark, ground-floor podium, and condo amenities were constructed using conventional methods. But the pair of 40-storey residential towers were built using “Lego-style” modular construction....