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By Elizabeth Choong
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Grand Dunman features two blocks with units that have at least four bedrooms. (Photo: Samuel Isaac Chua/EdgeProp Singapore)
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SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP)- Buyers of new condos have to choose their units based on schematic diagrams and site plans because the development is usually still under construction when it is launched for sale. We aim to highlight some important information that buyers can glean from schematic diagrams and site plans so that they can choose the most suitable unit for themselves and their family.
The basics
Most buyers are aware that they can find out the stack and block of their desired unit from schematic diagrams. As an example, if the buyer is interested in #09-06 from Tembusu Grand, a quick check of the schematic diagram will let the potential buyer know that it is in Block 92 and in Stack 6.
The buyer will also know that it is a three-bedroom unit by checking the color-coded legend. Additionally, the buyer will be able to find out that there are three-bedroom units in Block 94 (Stack 11), Block 96 (Stack 19), and Block 98 (Stack 30).
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A quick calculation will then reveal the total number of each bedroom type in the whole development as well as within each block and level. Such information could provide helpful insights about potential neighbours.
Checking out your potential neighbours
Using Grand Dunman as an example, buyers can easily see that Blocks 10,16 and 18 have eight stacks, while Block 12 has nine stacks. This means that the four blocks will have eight or nine units per floor. As such, each household will have seven or eight other households staying on the same floor.
Additionally, the schematic diagram shows that each block has 18 levels. Hence, potential buyers should check if sufficient lifts are provided for each block to avoid long wait times.
Potential buyers can glean some information about their potential neighbours from a schematic diagram. Using Schematic Diagram 2 as an example, it is obvious that the majority of the larger units with at least four bedrooms are in Blocks 16 and 18. The larger units are likely to be occupied by families. As such, owner-occupiers with children might want to choose a unit in these two blocks if their children hope to be able to set up playdates with other children living in the same block.
Potential views and natural light
Potential buyers should consult a site plan to find out the location of their desired unit within the development, potential views from their unit, and the amount of natural light the unit will receive.
Using the site plan of J’den as an example, potential buyers should be able to see that Stacks 3 to 7 are likely to have views of the Lake Pool, while Stacks 1 and 2 are expected to overlook the Lazy River. Stacks 8 to 10 are expected to have views of the Multi-Purpose Room, Gym, and Social Lounge. Hence, buyers may want to avoid Stacks 8 to 10 if they wish to have water views.
Another thing that buyers should look out for is the facing of their desired unit. This is usually denoted by a compass on the site plan. The compass will allow potential buyers to gauge the direction that their desired unit faces and hence estimate the amount and time of sunlight that the unit is expected to receive.
Proximity to facilities
Besides potential views and natural light, a site plan can let potential buyers gauge their proximity to various facilities in the development. Owner-occupiers with children aspiring to be Olympic swimmers might prefer units that are located nearer to the pool. For buyers of Lentor Hills Residences, that would mean units in Block 37 due to the block’s close proximity to the pool.
The site plan of Lentor Hills Residences also indicates that there is a pedestrian side gate near Block 39, which will give residents quicker access to Lentor MRT Station. Therefore, owner-occupiers who commute daily via the MRT might want to consider a unit in Block 39. It is also interesting to note that Block 39 comprises dual-key and four-bedroom units only. This would make the block very suitable for multi-generation families or owner-occupiers of dual-key units who plan to earn some rental income.
Some condo developments have facilities that are located within the residential tower. A quick check of the schematic diagram for such development would reveal the floor level where the facilities are located.
For example, the schematic diagram for South Beach Residences indicates that the condo units start from Level 23. Facilities for the residents are located on Levels 22 and 32, while Levels 21 and below are occupied by a hotel. Therefore, buyers who are more noise-sensitive might want to purchase units further from Levels 22 and 32, which could be noisier when residents use the facilities located at these two levels.
Schematic diagrams and site plans can offer a wealth of information to assist buyers in selecting the most suitable unit for themselves and their families. The available information includes the type of unit, potential views, and proximity to facilities within the development. Therefore, potential buyers should scrutinise the schematic diagram and site plan before making their decision.
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