Sansiri’s endgame: offering impeccable after-sales services

Sansiri’s T77 Community is located on an 861,113 sq ft plot of land in the centre of Sukhumvit 77
The award-winning real estate developer provides a comprehensive range of post-sales resources that go far beyond those offered in the market
While many other developers focus on marketing properties, drawing buyers in with the unique strengths of each asset, Sansiri begs to differ. The Thailand-based, award-winning real estate developer prides itself on being the country’s only fully-integrated property developer, providing an extensive array of after-sales resources, which include leasing and resale management, brokerage advice, and residential maintenance services.
The public limited company has over 35 years of experience learning the tricks of the trade. It has built meticulously designed luxury homes, townhouses and condominiums in Thailand, completing 102,488 residential units across 20 provinces. The firm’s footprint even extends to the UK, where it has developed two hotels and a residential development in Kensington, London.
To provide the best after-sales services, Sansiri is backed by its subsidiary, Plus Property, which has an excellent track record in residential resale, leasing and property management. Plus will always be on the ground to assess its customers’ requirements and provide hassle-free solutions. It oversees more than 1,000 resale deals each year, a result of establishing thorough client relations with effective communication.
As a result of Plus, Sansiri’s properties have their returns to show for. Enter its latest megaproject, T77 Community, located on an 861,113 sq ft plot in the centre of Sukhumvit 77. All of the developer’s condos in T77 – Blocs Sukhumvit 77, THE BASE Sukhumvit 77, THE BASE Park West, THE BASE Park East, hasu HAUS and mori HAUS – enjoy an average 88% absorption rate over 1,393 rental stocks in total, with yields of 5% per annum.
In Thong Lo, Sansiri’s two condos, Quattro and HQ by Sansiri, have enjoyed capital gains of 88% and 74%, respectively. Prices per sqm at HQ by Sansiri soared to THB243,000 in 2018, from THB140,000. At Quattro by Sansiri, prices per sqm jumped to THB248,000 in 2018, from THB132,000.
Meanwhile, the firm’s flagship condo, 98 Wireless, commands rentals of THB250,000–350,000 for its two-bedroom units, reaping a 5–6% yield for its owners. It enjoys a 100% rent-out...