Selling your home? Here are six tips on how to impress buyers

Don’t just rely on your realtor to sell your property. Here are six ways you can improve your chances of closing the deal.
Staging your home is a key part of the selling process, yet it’s one that’s often overlooked. Too often, homeowners rely on their real estate agents to do all the work and/or the upselling. But as a homeowner, there’s much that can be done to reel buyers in and convince them that this is the property for them. It’s all about emphasising your home’s strengths, downplaying its shortcomings, and appealing to the widest pool of potential buyers. Here are six ways you can improve your chances of closing the deal.
Tip #1: Call to Order
Needless to say, a home that’s spick and span is very appealing to would-be buyers. If your home is crammed full of furniture or filled with odds and ends, aim to declutter the space. This has the added benefit of helping you edit your possessions, which is handy if you’re moving house. There’ll simply be less to pack! Also think about sprucing up: a fresh coat of paint works wonders, as does replacing old or worn out parts. Broken tiles, cracked cabinet doors and chipped mirrors are a turn-off. Often, investing in these home improvements can mean the difference between a quick sale and a long drawn-out affair.
Tip #2: Change the Subject
If you have a spare room or under-utilised corner, why not transform it into a ‘lifestyle’ space? This could...