Selling your home? Here are six tips on how to impress buyers

By Aaron De Silva
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Don’t just rely on your realtor to sell your property. Here are six ways you can improve your chances of closing the deal.
Staging your home is a key part of the selling process, yet it’s one that’s often overlooked. Too often, homeowners rely on their real estate agents to do all the work and/or the upselling. But as a homeowner, there’s much that can be done to reel buyers in and convince them that this is the property for them. It’s all about emphasising your home’s strengths, downplaying its shortcomings, and appealing to the widest pool of potential buyers. Here are six ways you can improve your chances of closing the deal.
Tip #1: Call to Order
Needless to say, a home that’s spick and span is very appealing to would-be buyers. If your home is crammed full of furniture or filled with odds and ends, aim to declutter the space. This has the added benefit of helping you edit your possessions, which is handy if you’re moving house. There’ll simply be less to pack! Also think about sprucing up: a fresh coat of paint works wonders, as does replacing old or worn out parts. Broken tiles, cracked cabinet doors and chipped mirrors are a turn-off. Often, investing in these home improvements can mean the difference between a quick sale and a long drawn-out affair.
Tip #2: Change the Subject
If you have a spare room or under-utilised corner, why not transform it into a ‘lifestyle’ space? This could mean a small home office, a yoga/meditation room, a fitness corner, or a reading nook. The idea is to entice potential buyers to dream of what they can do with the space. Depending on the type of apartment and neighbourhood you live in, you can tailor the space to entice different buyers. For example, if you live in a small apartment in the city or city fringe, your potential pool of buyers are likely to be singles or couples. Having any of the above-mentioned lifestyle zones would likely appeal to their sensibilities, and add value to your home.
Tip #3: Light Relief
Source: Moss Rentals
There’s nothing like walking into a bright and airy space, versus one that’s dark, dank and airtight. During daytime viewings or open houses, make sure that your blinds are up, curtains are drawn, and windows are open. Well-lit spaces give the impression of being roomier – an impression that can’t hurt. Natural light is best, though if this isn’t sufficient, supplement with artificial sources. Adding an extra table or floor lamp will give the necessary boost of illumination. On the other hand, too much light could also be an issue. For instance, if your home is oriented in an East-West direction, and some parts receive the morning or evening glare, consider installing day curtains to filter the blaze.
Tip #4: Counter Proposal
Source: Oh My Dear
Dress your kitchen countertops – and perhaps your dining table too – with a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit, or both. It’s a classic move employed by realtors and home staging specialists, but it works like a charm every time. Why? Because it adds a homely, lived-in touch. This is especially important if you’ve not lived in your home for a while. Or if you’re flipping the property as a fully-furnished, move-in ready house. Another classic ploy: have cookies baking in the oven as your buyers walk in. Not only will the wafting aroma prove irresistible, but it also enhances the sense of homeliness. If you’re not much of a baker, you can cheat by buying pre-made cookies.
Tip #5: Pet Peeve
Source: Nekoya
As much as you love your furkids, their presence could be a turn-off for some house hunters. Cat lovers might subconsciously mark you down if they show up and are greeted by your pooch. Likewise, dog lovers might feel a disconnect if they see kitty roaming about. And then there are those with allergies to fur, or who are fearful of particular animals. So it’s best to ask a neighbour or friend to babysit your furkid during your viewings. Or put them up in a pet hotel when you have your open house weekend. And don’t forget to remove the fur left behind on your sofa.
Tip #6: Own It
While you might have engaged a realtor to help with the property listing and viewing, you’re your own best agent when it comes to selling your house. And like all good agents, you need to have the requisite facts and figures at your fingertips. Floor area, orientation of unit, dimensions of each room, which walls/beams/arches are structural supports and therefore cannot be torn down. During viewings, venture information that may not be immediately obvious, or information that is only privy to residents. If you see a family with young children, point out the nearest childcare centres, clinics and schools. A family with elderly folk might appreciate where the nearest wet markets are. And everyone will be glad to know that your neighbourhood kopitiam serves the best laksa this side of Katong.

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