Simple Feng Shui for Your Child's Room

By Joey Yap / Joey Yap Pte Ltd | June 13, 2016 9:00 AM SGT
Whether they are doing their homework, studying, sleeping or passing the time, children spend a lot of time in their rooms. It is therefore important that the qi they experience inside is positive and vibrant, thus leading to healthy and harmonious growth.
Good feng shui promotes a clean, open area where qi, or natural energy, can gather, and this eliminates the problems of cluttered space that we have come to associate children’s rooms with. Therefore, your children will feel empowered, energised and loved in a space where feng shui and open, clean design are nicely balanced.
Children grow up fast these days, and their tastes are always changing, especially through their exposure to social media and the internet. Concerned parents may also find it increasingly difficult to maintain a balance between practical and creative designs that appeal to both their taste and their children’s preferences. It can get more complicated when your children are teenagers, since they value their privacy highly, and can be stubborn when it comes to expressing their individuality through their bedroom design and arrangement.
Be flexible. Give your children the freedom in image and colour choices, or the type of furniture they want, while you adopt some basic feng shui techniques for the space. The goal here is to find a win-win situation where feng shui criteria are matched with the overall theme of the décor. To get you started, take a moment and consider these important factors:
• Location. This factor always takes precedence over direction, so it is important to get it right. Every year, a different sector of a property represents a completely different outlook. The Heavenly Doctor sector governs over health and encourages rest and rejuvenation. The Fu Wei sector enhances cognitive and thinking skills, making it suitable for the location of a desk or study area. To find these sectors, have your child’s Life Star number calculated by a consultant. Each Life Star number has its own unique Heavenly Doctor or Fu Wei direction that can used for the placement of the bed;
• Form. A square or rectangular-shaped room ensures...