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By Joey Yap
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Much of an organisation’s success hinges on its ability to identify problems or foresee future ones within the business ecosystem, but this can be a tall order for most business owners. One normally relies on professional managers and experts to help identify and quantify external elements, most of which are inconspicuous to the untrained eye. They include market conditions and sentiments as well as political climate, which can all cause business results to become volatile. Ultimately, the ability to gauge these patterns gives one’s business an advantage. We are all familiar with business tools such as projections, forecasts and trend reports. Similarly, feng shui is widely used to facilitate business goals by reading patterns and placing business higher-ups in a position that will benefit them and the enterprise.
Feng shui is widely used to facilitate business goals by reading patterns and placing business higher-ups in a position that will benefit them and the enterprise
Feng shui is able to provide a diagnosis and prescription for the business anatomy. Using business-centric reasons, I will now make a business case as to how a feng shui consultation can be a smart investment in creating business visibility and taking your business to soaring heights.
Reason 1: Know your business
One of the fundamentals of business sustainability is to understand every component of the enterprise. This includes operations, corporate culture, business-to-business, business-to-consumer and logistics, among others. Being familiar with these key components allows a business owner to point out the source of a problem, when or even before it surfaces.
However, not all business owners have this advantage. Through feng shui consultation, stakeholders will be able to identify problems at any stage and recalibrate business strategies to optimise the return on investment. By studying surrounding energies and their effects on the business, a feng shui audit would reveal potential challenges that the business will face in the future.
Reason 2: Understanding limitations
Some of the common limitations faced by businesses are poor business models, capital restrictions, a niche target market and limited performance capacity. Even businesses that have tremendous potential for growth and profitability seem to be limited despite having it all. This situation arises when the environment prohibits an organisation’s growth — this, of course, refers to the qi in the area.
A negative form of energy — better known in feng shui as sha qi (negative qi) — in the vicinity in which an organisation resides would ultimately result in poor business performance. This could be the reason your business is being held back from achieving its full potential. It would be best to first identify the positive qi surrounding your business and then take practical measures towards improving business inadequacy, or manoeuvre around them until you move to a promising location.
Reason 3: Risk management and business planning
Conventional risk management and business planning are executed based on professional forecasts derived from corporate statistics. However, these business projections are not immune to miscalculations and can be detrimental. A feng shui consultation can be advantageous in this area of business, as it relies on an objective source of information called qi cycles.
Positive qi, along with negative afflictions such as the Five Yellow Star and Three Killings, poses various impacts on the different sectors of the business. The Five Yellow Star is indicative of legal issues and should be a cause for concern, as many small and medium-sized enterprises pay little to no attention to legal compliance. Should a feng shui consultation indicate the arrival of this star at the business’s Main Door, its risk management portfolio would be more than capable to face the problem.
A feng shui audit would also reveal upcoming stars and their impact on the different parts of an organisation’s physical structure. In addition, the profit and growth areas of the building that correspond to the auspicious sectors can be identified for each year. Moving forward, it would ensure the organisation’s practices and planning accommodate the demanding business landscape.
The business case for feng shui consultation extends into many other key areas of a business. This includes succession planning with Qi Men Dun Jia and HR management with the art of BaZi. These ancient practices have survived the test of time and prove to be invaluable knowledge in improving business prowess in today’s world.
Joey Yap Pte Ltd can be reached via its Singapore regional manager, Ng Khai Yeing, at khaiyeing@joeyyap.com
This article appeared in The Edge Property Pullout, Issue 736 (July 11, 2016) of The Edge Singapore.

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