A vertical village by the city

By The Interlace Connections / Brought to you by Capitaland Singapore | August 1, 2016 1:44 PM SGT
How The Interlace beat other world-class projects to clinch the world building of the year title

Source: Chia Guo Xiang (Singapore), Capitaland ‘Building People’ Photography Contest 2014

Last year, The Interlace clinched the prestigious World Building of the Year title at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2015. Office for Met­ropolitan Architecture (OMA) and German-born architect Ole Scheeren were the lead designers of the 1,040-unit condominium, which was developed by a CapitaLand-led con­sortium.
For those who are less acquainted with ar­chitecture awards, WAF is dubbed the Oscars of the architectural world and the awards are the crème-de-la-crème of the architecture accolades.
Every year since 2008, architects from across the globe would enter their projects into one or more of the over 30 building categories in the WAF – ranging from Civic & Community to Sport and Transport – to compete for a spot in the final.
The Interlace was shortlisted as a finalist in the WAF 2015, along with 337 other develop­ments. Architects for the shortlisted projects must personally pitch their submission to a panel of international judges, who would critique and challenge them. The intense two-day process took place in front of a live audience to facilitate an exchange of ideas and ensure transparency.
Judges have been appointed based on strin­gent criteria including outstanding reputation as an architect or allied professional, expertise in a particular development, geographical origin to ensure a balanced representation, and from among previous winners of the WAF awards.
The Interlace was first named winner in the Completed Buildings-Housing category. It then vied with 16 other category winners for the World Building of the Year title.
To win, projects must push boundaries in both forms and functions. They must also be deeply-rooted in the communities that they serve. Essentially, they must exemplify the future of cities and architecture.
The Interlace was lauded as a trailblazer for its bold design, which features 31 interlocking blocks, conceived as a vertical village.
The blocks are arranged in hexagonal grids to allow for generous distance between each home and maximum privacy, while the interlocking design connects the...