Charming architecture designs in Bishan

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Bishan has a well-earned reputation for innovative housing design. The area is home to condos with some of the most imaginative designs, ground-breaking public housing, and fittingly one of the island’s most stunning buildings. (I’ll let you decide which one that is…) Of course, Bishan’s most famous residents were a family of sea creatures (the otters, which as soon as they achieved fame, upped sticks, upgraded and moved to Marina Bay!).

Stylish HDB units

HDB flats in Bishan don’t just provide four walls and a roof over your head. They were the first to be built with a sense of style, designed to be pleasing to the eye. They were not all of uniform height, or lined up in rows. They also featured pitched rooves and design work. This is still true to this day and differentiates the skyline of Bishan from some other towns and areas.
The distinctive pitched rooves on a Bishan HDB estate. Credit: EdgeProp
Another key feature of Bishan HDB flats accounts for why they command good resale prices, with several topping the $1 million mark. There are a total of 52 duplex maisonettes in Bishan, far more than in any other HDB estates, and among the biggest public flats ever built.
Rooms with a view. Credit: EdgeProp
HDB flats in the area also boast some of the best backdrops in Singapore. Several border the elongated Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, while others also look over the fabulous Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery and Temple complex.
The splendid Kong Meng San Temple. Credit: EdgeProp