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Serangoon is located within Singapore’s North-East Region, squeezed between Ang Mo Kio to the west and Hougang to the east. Work on Serangoon New Town started in 1982, with the HDB flats located to the north of Serangoon MRT Station the first to be completed. Two years later, the development of Serangoon Central began, before being completed in 1989. Today, Serangoon is also known for the NEX shopping mall and the Serangoon Gardens private housing estate along with its famous inhabitant, the Chomp Chomp food centre.
SERANGOON - Map showing NEX, Serangoon MRT and up to Serangoon Gardens
Map showing NEX, Serangoon MRT and up to Serangoon Gardens. Credit: Google Maps
Serangoon is made up of two distinct sub-areas, accentuated by the area’s narrow shape. A good way of seeing the differences in the make-up of the area is to journey between NEX and Serangoon Gardens. Completed in 2010, NEX is the largest shopping mall in north-east Singapore, and one of the largest anywhere in Singapore. It attracts people from all over the region, given its variety of retail and food offerings.
SERANGOON - The distinctive clock on the façade of Block 307 at the junction of Lorong Chuan and Serangoon Avenue 2
The distinctive clock on the façade of Block 307 at the junction of Lorong Chuan and Serangoon Avenue 2. Credit: EdgeProp Singapore
The neighbourhoods around the mall are dominated by HDB housing blocks. Thirty-five blocks (Blocks 301 through to 335) lie to the left of Serangoon Avenue 2, and 46 (Blocks 201 through to 246) are to the right as well as north of Boundary Road and around Singapore Community Park.
Travelling up the spine of the area along Serangoon Avenue 2, the look and feel changes drastically. Once you have crossed Lorong Chuan/Boundary Road, HDB blocks are no longer in sight, and landed property is the only order of the day. As the road climbs upwards, generally speaking, so does the size of the properties on either side of the road, along with their price tags.
SERANGOON - One of the larger properties on Lorong Chuan
One of the larger properties on Lorong Chuan. Credit: EdgeProp Singapore
Serangoon Gardens, at the top of the hill, is an estate that dates back to the 1950s. It was built then to house mainly British servicemen, many of whom were stationed in the nearby Chia Keng Camp Royal Air Force base. Many of the streets in the tight warren still bear the names of British towns, cities and counties, such as York Place, and Bridport Avenue and Tavistock Avenue. But today, the residents are mainly wealthy locals with a smattering of expats. The proximity of the Australian International School (within a 10-minute drive away) means there is a higher percentage of Australians there than elsewhere on the island. Other schools nearby popular with locals include Serangoon Garden Secondary School, Rosyth School and Eden School.
The area is made up of a good variety of landed properties, including bungalows, semi-detached and terraced housing, which gives it a less uniform look than some other landed enclaves.
SERANGOON - Landed properties in Serangoon Gardens
Landed properties in Serangoon Gardens. Credit: EdgeProp Singapore
The rest of the northern area of Serangoon is taken up by landed property. Unlike many other areas of Singapore, condos are less dominant in Serangoon.
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SERANGOON - Goldenhill Park is one of the largest condo developments in Serangoon
Goldenhill Park is one of the largest condo developments in Serangoon. Credit: EdgeProp Singapore
Goldenhill Park on Mei Hwan Drive is one of the largest condo developments in Serangoon. Finished in 2004, its five 20-storey towers are home to 390 units. The freehold condo is just a short walk from Lorong Chuan MRT Station where there is a small cluster of condos, including The Springbloom and Chiltern Park. The area also has the advantage of having the New Tech Park on its doorstep, along with the employment opportunities that it provides.
SERANGOON - The New Tech Park gives the area an employment boost
The New Tech Park gives the area an employment boost. Credit: EdgeProp Singapore
The newest and sleekest addition to this neighbourhood is The Chuan. Completed in 2008, this development by Kheng Leong Company Pte Ltd comes with a 999-year lease. Each of 106 units situated on its single block of 24 floors will enjoy unobstructed views of the area.
SERANGOON - The Chuan stands on Lorong Chuan
The Chuan stands on Lorong Chuan. Credit: EdgeProp Singapore

New properties in Serangoon

There have been two high-profile launches in recent years. Bartley Ridge achieved TOP in late 2016. Located on Mount Vernon Road in the extreme south-west corner of Serangoon, the large condo boasts 868 units in nine blocks, ranging from one-bedroom units up to four-bedroom, dual-key ones.
As the SingHaiyi Group has two developments in the pipeline, The Lilium and The Gazania, that are located close to each other, it decided to do a twin launch in May this year. Both The Lilium and The Gazania are named after flowers. Located within a landed enclave on How Sun Road and How Sun Drive respectively, they are restricted to five storeys each. The duo are two very different developments, however.
SERANGOON - The Lilium is set to achieve TOP in 2021
The Lilium is set to achieve TOP in 2021. Credit: EdgeProp Singapore
The Gazania, with TOP to be obtained in July 2022, is the larger of the two with 250 units in its seven blocks. These include ten 4-bedroom maisonettes and seven penthouses. The Lilium, with TOP expected in 2021, has just two blocks, but within its 80 units it still makes room for 16 four-bedroom apartments and six penthouses.

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