A lowdown on Bishan lifestyle [Local Guide]

By EdgeProp Singapore / EdgeProp Singapore | June 3, 2019 7:00 AM SGT
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One of the appealing things about Bishan is that as well as the new shiny malls and trappings of the 21st century, it retains a very strong connection to its past. Its history – and its name – stems back to Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng, a Cantonese and Hakka cemetery established in 1870 in what is today Bishan New Town. The area steadily attracted more and more settlers and became a refuge for many of the local population after the nation fell to the Japanese. Peck San Theng ceased operating as a cemetery in 1973 and a decade later the graves were exhumed in order to make way for the building of the New Town, though it still serves the community as a columbarium to this day.
Personally, while strolling around the area, my mind is flooded with childhood memories. A case in point is this children’s playground located on Bishan Street 13.
The iconic clock playground on Bishan Street 13. Credits: EdgeProp Singapore
This being Singapore, we can’t talk about Bishan without mentioning food. The locals have known for years just how good the food options in Bishan are, and they couldn’t care less if the rest of the island don’t realise it. The fact that the cafes and restaurants here aren’t as well known and aren’t going to send your Instagram into meltdown does not mean they do not serve delicious food in charming surroundings.
The jewel in Bishan’s culinary crown. Credits: EdgeProp Singapore
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