Edgy, grungy MacPherson bursts with personality

By Ruth Loh Xiu / EdgeProp Singapore | June 26, 2019 3:00 PM SGT
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Did you know that part of the neighbourhood most people identify as MacPherson is actually designated under the Toa Payoh planning area? This swathe of land sweeps across much of the real estate flanking MacPherson Road and is home to the recognisable MacPherson Mall. The building stands at the crossroads of MacPherson Road and Aljunied Road but is considered part of Toa Payoh’s Joo Seng subzone. Curiously enough,a few more steps bring one closer to Paya Lebar Road, where the propertiesalong that stretch of MacPherson Road are designated under the MacPherson subzone under the Geylang planning area.
The geography boggles the mind, begging the question: Where exactly is MacPherson on the URA map?
The red line demarcates the MacPherson subzone under the Geylang planning area. Source: URA Space at www.ura.gov.sg
MacPherson is bounded by MacPherson Road, the Pan-Island Expressway, Aljunied Road, and Paya Lebar Road. It can be difficult to locate subzones accurately without a map, and it’s likely someone might have unknowingly stood in two different zones at once, with a foot on each (this applies to the rest of Singapore, really). For example, MacPherson Mall isn’t part of the MacPherson subzone but its grassy neighbour across the street is. Mostly neatly organised into rectangular land parcels, each subzone on the URA map sits beneath the umbrella of a larger planning area. Intriguingly, the Pelton Canal (with its impressive 4.7/5 Google rating as of June 20, 2019) meanders diagonally across MacPherson before flowing over into the Kallang Way subzone and promptly rebranding itself as Kallang River.