House Tour: Wystan and Simin's Colourful Tropical-Themed HDB Home

By Jemma Chiu / Cromly | November 20, 2018 11:03 AM SGT
Wystan and Simin have thought of a brilliant way to shake those post-holiday blues away. How? The couple created a home that's worthy of a vacation!
"My wife wanted a cosy tropical vibe," begins Wystan."We wanted a home that defines us and will make us look forward to coming home each day." Simin describes the design of their home as "a happy tropical feel with a modern midcentury touch."
To make this dream possible, the couple turned to the designers at Make Room. Huang Jiaqi, the creative mind responsible for the beautiful blend of tropical vibe and modern midcentury feels in this home, explains that when the couple approached them, they wanted their love for botanical wallpaper and bold colours and patterns to be incorporated into the overall look of the home.
After careful planning and lovely execution, the botanical wallpaper in the dining room now proudly takes the role of an eye-catching conversation starter. This beautifully complements the pink wall in the living area.