Mansion-living with panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding landed enclave

Meyer Mansion boasts views of the greenery, the sea, as well as the landed enclave (Credit: GuocoLand)
Named after Sir Reuben Manasseh Meyer, a Jewish businessman who continued his legacy through many of his philanthropic efforts like Manasseh Meyer Trust, Meyer Road in the 18th Century was the area where mansions abound. A sweeping look at the area of old would conjure up images of sprawling, single-storey houses, where one could hear the waves from the sea right in front, and feel the breeze caress your face.
It is no wonder then that Meyer Road is the place for the affluent to build their holiday bungalows, where they will retreat to during the weekends. Reuben Manasseh Meyer himself also owned the old Sea View Hotel at Meyer Road, originally a large colonial bungalow right at the shoreline, and surrounded by coconut trees.
Even now, when one speaks of Meyer Road, that esteemed name still carries the same prestige, and is a prime residential district, full of landed houses, and condominiums.
Inspired by Meyer Road’s history and site context, Meyer Mansion, GuocoLand’s latest project, combines understated luxury living and modern tropical architecture to create a new benchmark.

Mansions with a view

Taking references from mansions of the past, Meyer Mansion is big on space.
Generous with its offerings, about 80% of the site will be used for landscaping and providing residents with complementary facilities, from the vast garden lawns where children can frolic around while their parents look on from their picnic under the shade on a lazy Sunday afternoon; to the Beach House, a clubhouse where one can relax amidst palm trees, and bask in the tranquillity, away from the bustle of the city life.
With a paradisal experience like this, one could almost be mistaken for lounging in a luxury beach resort, and especially when the development is just a stone’s throw from East Coast Park, where the sea awaits.
A dream locale, Meyer Mansion boasts views of the greenery, the sea, as well as the landed enclave. Even from the third-storey of the new development, one is greeted with breath-taking views of nature along East Coast Park. Against this idyllic setting, residents...