From Pepper Kingdom to modern-day Choa Chu Kang

Choa Chu Kang has rather distinctive—and also patriotic—red-and-white-brick HDB flats. Photo credit: Loh Xiu Ruth
The name “Choa Chu Kang” is rooted in the Teochew term “Kang Chu”, meaning River Clan. Back in the day, Choa Chu Kang was a plantation ground and its riverbanks were seeded with pepper and gambier. Children darted among the kampung houses, street hawkers vocally advertised their wares, and families lived in attap homes.
All of that is long gone. Choa Chu Kang is no longer flush with crops and wild vegetation, but brick-and-mortar blocks staring straight into the sky. Its first HDB neighbourhood was completed in 1977 at Teck Whye, one of its seven neighbourhoods.

The geographical boundaries of Choa Chu Kang

Choa Chu Kang flanks fresh-aired, hilly Bukit Panjang and comprises seven subzones: Peng Siang, Keat Hong, Teck Whye (mother of Choa Chu Kang’s first HDB homes), Choa Chu Kang North, Yew Tee (which, ironically, is actually farther north on the map than Choa Chu Kang North), and Choa Chu Kang Central.
The green outline skimming the edges of Choa Chu Kang demarcates the planning area from its neighbours. Photo credit:
On the map, Choa Chu Kang is adorably shaped like a leprechaun’s hat. Surrounded by the likes of nature-filled Bukit Panjang, Tengah, and Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang reflects the same green influence.
Choa Chu Kang Park may be small at only 11 ha, but it captures a pristine slice of nature and is home to many Singaporean species of flora and fauna. Photo credit: Loh Xiu Ruth
Choa Chu Kang HDB residents enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and riotous greenery. Photo credit: Loh Xiu Ruth
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