Rivière: Beacon of legacy

By Rivière / BROUGHT TO YOU BY FRASERS PROPERTY | July 19, 2019 11:16 AM SGT
View from Rivière
Every city has a special relationship with its river. An inseparable part of the cityscape, the river shapes the city’s rich history, economy and even its identity – from Huangpu River that flows through Shanghai, to Hudson River in New York, and River Thames in England. Rivers are considered the lifelines of human civilisation, where people have been building their homes across the generations. It is no different for the Singapore River.
The lion city is one that is built on water, from its humble origins as a fishing village, to becoming a trading port under the British Empire. In each era, the Singapore River plays a key role. It was where prince Sang Nila Utama saw the mythical lion after which the city is named, and also where Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of modern Singapore, first stepped foot onto the island.
Now, at the hundred-year-old Jiak Kim Street where the former Zouk once stood, a towering contender has emerged to continue the legacy of the Singapore River.
Rivière, the new luxury condominium by Frasers Property, is an iconic development next to the Singapore River. Part of a larger development consisting of three meticulously restored warehouses and newly built serviced apartments, Rivière comprises two gleaming towers of luxury residential apartments, rising 36 storeys, with the river meandering around it.
Rivière, the new luxury condominium by Frasers Property, is an iconic development next to the Singapore River
Elevated more than 18 metres above ground, all 455 luxurious units will enjoy unblocked views of the picturesque Singapore River. Meanwhile, the three restored warehouses will be transformed into a trendy, stylish lifestyle destination.
One with nature
Designed by SCDA, “Rivière is grounded in history”, says award-winning principal architect Soo K. Chan. In conceptualising Rivière, he brings together the tranquility of the river, the surrounding natural landscape, and the bustling community around it.
Framed by intimate gardens and water pavilions, the...