100th Issue Special: 100 ways to use EdgeProp

By EdgeProp Team / EdgeProp | April 22, 2019 12:59 AM SGT

I use EdgeProp because:

1. I feel more intelligent when speaking with my friends after reading EdgeProp articles.
2. The CEO is good looking. Is he single? (for proof, check out this article).
3. I can get a glimpse of the homes and lifestyles of the top 1% in Singapore.
4. Nas Daily doesn’t use it.
5. I can read about someone else's living room that is bigger than my entire apartment.
6. I need a place to hide my girlfriend in Bangkok. My friend told me EdgeProp has many property choices for me.
7. They are really in tune with the new launches market. I really appreciate that they do showroom tours videos, so that when I can't attend the condo preview I can watch the tours from EdgeProp's Facebook page.
8. I heard EdgeProp provides feng shui advice too. True ahh?! Enter your details here and discover the best property choices for your bazi.
9. I can get to know the Who’s Who in the property industry.
10. I am upgrading from HDB flat to private condo unit. I use EdgeProp to help me to make wise decisions on my condo purchase. Check out our research tool for comprehensive report & price trends of all types of properties.
11. I know a guy who wanted to sell his home and it was a good bargain. After getting in touch with EdgeProp's editor, they put up a story featuring his home. Now, even though he has sold his home, people still won’t stop calling him for the good deal. EdgeProp is the go-to point for the sale of property.
12. I like to look at their property photos, which stand out due to the unique white paper they are printed on.
13. I am undecided whether to buy an HDB or condo unit. EdgeProp is helping me to make up my mind.
14. I want to buy overseas properties for my children. I will also go to their...