100th Issue Special: 100 ways to use EdgeProp

By EdgeProp Team
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I use EdgeProp because:

1. I feel more intelligent when speaking with my friends after reading EdgeProp articles.
2. The CEO is good looking. Is he single? (for proof, check out this article).
3. I can get a glimpse of the homes and lifestyles of the top 1% in Singapore.
4. Nas Daily doesn’t use it.
5. I can read about someone else's living room that is bigger than my entire apartment.
6. I need a place to hide my girlfriend in Bangkok. My friend told me EdgeProp has many property choices for me.
7. They are really in tune with the new launches market. I really appreciate that they do showroom tours videos, so that when I can't attend the condo preview I can watch the tours from EdgeProp's Facebook page.
8. I heard EdgeProp provides feng shui advice too. True ahh?! Enter your details here and discover the best property choices for your bazi.
9. I can get to know the Who’s Who in the property industry.
10. I am upgrading from HDB flat to private condo unit. I use EdgeProp to help me to make wise decisions on my condo purchase. Check out our research tool for comprehensive report & price trends of all types of properties.
11. I know a guy who wanted to sell his home and it was a good bargain. After getting in touch with EdgeProp's editor, they put up a story featuring his home. Now, even though he has sold his home, people still won’t stop calling him for the good deal. EdgeProp is the go-to point for the sale of property.
12. I like to look at their property photos, which stand out due to the unique white paper they are printed on.
13. I am undecided whether to buy an HDB or condo unit. EdgeProp is helping me to make up my mind.
14. I want to buy overseas properties for my children. I will also go to their International Property Show in May and acquire an overseas property at a discounted price.
15. It gets me more matches than on Tinder.
16. I can toggle to the Chinese version online to search for my dream home.
17. I am not local. I use the online Heatmap tool to see the breakdown of sales transactions of the properties in a certain area, so I know how to strategise my bargaining tactics when talking to property owners.
18. it helps me gain favour from my potential mother-in-law - she is a property agent!
19. I own an HDB flat, EdgeProp tells me about VERS and other new HDB measures.
20. it helps me to compare the rents for different shophouses and to filter the shophouses that are currently available for rental
21. I am tired of moving and I want a stable relationship with the same bed. I use EdgeProp's online amenities check tool to check out the amenities around the area before renting. They have an intensive list ranging from supermarket to childcare centre. It helps me to make better decisions.
22. Their special contests can help me earn extra pocket money.
23. I am a big fan of shopping and asking for discounts. Recently, my father told me to shop for property instead as it will give me a better ROI. So I will attend EdgeProp's International Property Show in May to get good deals for international properties.
24. My client is impressed with the developers that advertise there.
25. I am interested in UK properties. EdgeProp tells me about the latest developments in London and other parts of the UK. I am also kept informed when some of the UK developers hold their roadshow in Singapore.
26. It is a great resource for planning for my next property investment.
27. They always have good-looking people on the cover.
28. I am a loner, and nobody messaged me. I subscribe to EdgeProp WhatsApp daily articles so that at least I receive one message a day. #nolongerlonely
29. I want to be my own property agent.
30. The vibrant content livens up the listings.
31. I can read about what’s happening in the Hong Kong and China property markets.
32. I want to see what my neighbours said about our development.
33. It is a great guide to finding out which project is previewing the next weekend – to avoid having lunch or tea with relatives I don't particularly want to meet.
34. The ads are so relevant.
35. I love getting things below market price. When I get anything below the market price it sparks joy in my life. With Edge Fair Value, I can find properties below market price online and unleash my cheapo nature!
36. That’s the first result that I see on Google.
37. My father often told me that to be successful, we must strike the iron while it’s hot. With the Deal Watch page, I'll be better able to buy the right property at the right time.
38. Reading articles from EdgeProp which feature successful investors and business people motivates me. Who knows, I might be the next Joan Chang.
39. The paper is of good quality.
40. I am allergic to other portals.

I use EdgeProp to:

41. Find out about their next seminar date. I can bring my girlfriend for a cheap date - food, wine plus market updates (2pax - $30).
42. Stalk my favourite writers.
43. Look at my dream home, for example, the Good Class Bungalows on Leedon Road.
44. Help my clients determine which district to rent an office space in. This will help them decide on a good location to set up their first office in Singapore so that their workers can have access to nearby amenities.
45. Read about the latest property trends like co-working and co-living.
46. Look smarter in social events.
47. Check out the rich and famous developers, and pray they are single.
48. Read up about what to look out for before I go to the property Open House.
49. Look at recent transactions and wonder why Singaporeans have got so much money.
50. Check out trends in the property market. I am a fan of their online market trend tool.
51. Hunt down my husband-to-be, from their articles on certain company CEOs/founders.
52. Learn about Singapore’s property policies.
53. Catch up with the latest happenings in the property market via weekend reading.
54. Find out the rental increase within a five-year time-frame, which helps me to estimate the office rent my client has to pay for the next five years of operation.
55. Ogle at beautiful houses so I can set my goals and aim high.
56. Chope table during lunch-time. The magazine can be spotted easily.
57. Learn and improve my living space.
58. See the latest property transaction info - price, size, location, district, and project name.
59. Check out the pretty agent I just met at the pub.
60. Find out about the latest property seminars. They are educational and help me in my property investments
61. Do research for the next potential enbloc investment.
62. Update myself with informative news about the Singapore market via their WeChat.
63. Find my dream home – then I woke up!
64.Find out how far Katong Laksa is to my place.
65. Make a living. If you're keen to work in EdgeProp too, we are hiring. Check out roles available on our Linkedin.
66. Fund my shopping as I use it to obtain my paycheck.
67. Make my karung guni man happy with his trip to my house.
68. Look at overseas listings - specifically Thailand, in case I get too serious with the Thai girl.
70. See if my agent knows his stuff or not.
71. Reach out to agents directly via WhatsApp.
72. Find out how much my home is worth here.
73. See which nice condos are near my son’s new school. Search properties near your choosen school here.
74. Check out the good-looking agents before contacting them.
75. Search for property listings and arrange viewings.
76. See which condos are near the MRT stations. Search for your listings here.
77. Check if my agents do their art to advertise my properties.
78. Stay on top of property news.
79. Determine which district to buy my investment property in as they provide good tools to compare the rental yields of different areas.
80. Find properties below valuation for my investor-clients. Use our Edge Fair Value tools here.
81. Choose which property to rent. With a click of the Find Agent button in EdgeProp's website, I now have a list of people to contact.
82. Search for my next home after “losing” my property through an en bloc sale.
83. Entertain myself while I am commuting.
84. See how much my house can sell for, by looking at recent transactions.
85. Gain insight into property markets around the world and get closer to my dream - to build my own line of boutique hotels.
86. Help me fall asleep.
87. See if my agent has OCD through how his photos and property info are organised (free of typos, of course).
88. To find out what property to buy when I win the Toto jackpot.
89. Look for my kid’s bedtime stories - and inspire him to be successful
90. Learn about new technologies related to property.
91. Get inspiration for layout design.
92. Act like I’m too engrossed reading news when I’m sitting on the reserved seat in the MRT train.
93. Check out the $1 million homes that I can buy in Singapore.
94. Inspire myself to earn more money.
95. Find out about the travel time from my favourite condo to my workplace.
96. Find out that property cooling measures didn’t mean having an air-conditioner in my room.
97. Impress my dad with information about Singapore’s property market.
98. Look at the nice Good Class Bungalows featured - then wish my bank balance would end with at least six more zeroes.
99. Convince my parents that it is time to move into a new home.
100. Understand the market and prepare for my first agent meeting with good informed questions as I'm looking to rent an industrial factory.

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